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Random Ramsdom, 6/14: Dates and places...

The lockout could cut into the St. Louis Rams early start to training camp.
The lockout could cut into the St. Louis Rams early start to training camp.

We've got a date. A date of some significance...did you not get the Twitter message I sent you? Ok, things are bubbling that could put the NFL back in action sooner rather than later. It will need to be sooner for the St. Louis Rams since they're schedule to start training camp a week earlier than the rest of the league because of their date with the Hall of Fame Game on August 7. I'll let the links explain...

June 21 emerges as a potentially key date in labor talks
NFL owners have been told to prepare for an extra day at their meeting Tuesday in Chicago. The purpose remains to be seen, but it could be that they'll be voting on a new collective bargaining agreement, or at least a pre-approval of the final terms based on what's been hammered out so far.

Training camp could return to Rams Park
Another casualty of the lockout: off-site training camp. Head coach Steve Spagnuolo wanted to move his team "off campus" for training camp this year, with two possible destinations of either Rolla, MO or Carbondale, IL. However, the clock is ticking for a decision, with training camp still possibly cut into by the lockout. With the Hall of Fame game on the schedule for August 7, the Rams would be allowed to start camp a week earlier than normal. Of course, it makes you wonder about the impact of Spagnuolo firing the VP of Operations who was responsible for training camp.  

Less business-y links...

Joe Thomas thinks lost offseason could be beneficial
Cleveland Browns OT Joe Thomas thinks that all the OTAs, minicamps and other activities teams do in the offseason are a little much. In fact, he thinks the extra down time this year could be good for the players, who may start a little rusty but could finish stronger.

Bruce in the chairman's role
The University of Memphis is launching a $10 million capital campaign for a new indoor football practice facility and some other renovations. Former Memphis Tiger and the St. Louis Rams all-time leading receiver Isaac Bruce is an honorary chairman on the project, along with Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams...who could be a Ram if the team was so inclined to pursue him in free agency.

Aeneas Williams has a new gig
Former Rams free safety Aeneas Williams retired in 2004. Today, he's a St. Louis area minister at The Spirit of the Lord Family Church, that he founded with his wife.

Applying Drew Rosenhaus' T.O. quotes to Terrelle Pryor - Mocking The Draft
This is hilarious. Take Drew Rosenhaus' quotes from the Terrell Owens saga, apply them, verbatim, to the Terrelle Pryor saga...and stand in awe of just how far we've come in sports.