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NFL Top 100 Players: Steven Jackson checks in at #38, too low?

Obviously, the NFL Network's Top 100 players programming is pure offseason filler. The sawdust in the meatloaf. Nevertheless, it makes for interesting offseason fodder, something to kick around at the water cooler while you wait for football to return. Last night, St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson checked in at #38.

Jackson's place on the list cannot be disputed. In 2011, he became the Rams franchise all-time rushing leader. With just seven seasons under his belt. Of course, seven seasons is an eternity for a running back, but that's for another time. The question I about Jackson's place at #38 is whether or not it's too low.

Sure, there were other running backs who had more yards last season, more touchdowns, etc. But the fact remains that defenses still made SJ39 their primary focus, loading the boxes and making sure he was accounted, passing game be damned. I tend to think that Jackson belongs higher on the list, but that's a position influenced by my being a fan.

Here's a link to the NFL Network presentation of Jackson at #38.

Here's another video from the NFL Network featuring a discussion of the running back rankings, including some like Marshall Faulk who feel Jackson is ranked too low.

What do you think?

And why in 2011 does the NFL still not allow embedding for web video?