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John Clayton continues to advocate for Randy Moss

God bless the olds. Recession, threats to entitlement programs from left and matter what, they keep on ticking. Aging NFL wide receivers might be the most talked about group of oldsters, as national writers struggle to find ways to keep the antic-driven bunch in the headlines with a lockout holding a pillow over the face of free agency and the game itself. Naturally, with their young core of wide receivers, the St. Louis Rams have been a continual part of speculation and armchair recommendations as potential landing spot for mid-30s receivers. Today, it's Randy Moss...again. 

ESPN's John Clayton and Matt Williamson square off on which old timer has a better 2011 ahead of them: Randy Moss or Terrell Owens. Clayton champions Moss and in the very first line of his point-counterpoint says this:

If I were running the St. Louis Rams, one of the first things I'd do once free agency begins would be to reach out to Randy Moss.

He continues:

Why Randy Moss? The answer is speed. Moss may have a reputation of taking a few plays off when things get tough, but he can still get off the line of scrimmage and get downfield. Moss admittedly made the mistake of talking himself off the New England Patriots' roster, but there are still enough big plays left in his 6-foot-4 body to help an offense.

Can Moss still get down the field? That's the million dollar question. There are those who think that Moss has lost the deep speed he has to offer, having shown a decline last year, even amidst the bad situations around him.

Right now the Rams' deep threats are Danario Alexander and Donnie Avery. Each facing big question marks as to whether or not they can stay healthy, but each with the potential to break through into solid NFL players. Moss would probably be more of a replacement for DX on the Rams with similar skill sets. But, like I've said before it's all comes to which question the front office feels more comfortable with: the young guys' ceiling or the old guy's ability to squeeze one more year out of his legs. 

This isn't the first time Clayton has made the Moss-to-the-Rams suggestion either. Back on May 22 he pitched that move along with signing RB Darren Sproles