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Looking for Bargains: Outside Linebacker #2

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When I fly, I fly Economy class. Sure, those nice wide seats of first class would be nice, but unless it comes as a free upgrade (and is why I get to the airport reeealy early), I won't spend the money. Flying in the cheap seats isn't all that bad. All you have to do is fake having the flu and you get all the elbow room you need...

Yet sometimes you see a need to splurge on the big things. I look for adding value whenever I can, making the money spent go as far as possible. Find something that solves a problem, but comes with a few extras: Bingo!

Here is a case for paying just wee bit more. Stephen Nicholas offers a cost to benefit ratio that is extremely attractive. He has a nose for the ball and creates turnovers, which is a catagory every team covets. I also think the 28 year old Nicholas has a secret, one that will stay that way if the Falcon's Defense doesn't alter itself a bit. You see, Mr. Nicholas has a pair of "sack-happy" shoes gathering dust in his locker. Shoes that for some reason he isn't allowed to wear? This guy is fast folks, seriously fast. Couple that with aggressive play as well as great hand-eye co-ordination and you have the tools Spagnuolo dreams of at night for a weak side linebacker. Imagine a gifted athlete like Nicholas finally turned loose working with Long or Quinn on the outside...

At 6'3" and 230 lbs., Nicholas has proto-type size combined with excellent reach. The biggest problem with him is he has only four years in the NFL, so the level at which he may even be available will depend a great deal on any new CBA.

Here's a bit of video:

Cons: Has problems with Top Tier offensive tackles

My Opinion: Cost and the level of draft compensation will make Nicholas a tough choice. Nicholas is a "Four Pillars" guy through and through.