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Mancrushes: Free Agent edition

Well I haven't written anything on here in a long time, (sorry Van) so I sat down today and tried to figure out what I could write about. I have some decent ideas ready to go (I hope) so you should be reading more posts from me in the near future, unless you dont like what I write in which case screw you! And on that note I present to you my free agent mancrushes: (One last important note: a mancrush is one guy having a "crush" on another guy without having any homosexual feelings towards that guy)

mancrush number 1: Ronnie Brown, RB, Dolphins: He would bring an all around threat out of the backfield to help take the stress of off Jackson, plus he doesn't mind sharing carries.

mancrush number 2: Barry Cofield, DT, Giants: He's young enough that we could get another 5 or 6 quality years out of him, plus he has synergy with Spags and Robbins.

mancrush number 3: Literally any healthy veteran OLB who is still capable of starting: we need two of them and as long as they fit the healthy and capable of starting description, I really don't care who it is.

Who are your mancrushes? As a final note, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts (unless you still don't like reading what I write, so again, screw you!) and I hope to have more posts up soon. If you have anything you want me to write about, shoot me an email I need ideas lol.