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Looking for Bargains: Outside Linebacker

I'm Scottish... Well mostly anyway. The Scots have a number of fine qualities, among them being known for a love of getting a bargain. We're a thrifty lot and those of other heritages have nothing on the Scots when it comes saving money. Though an urban legend (mostly?), it is said we hang our toilet paper out to dry... Some call us cheap and they'd be uncomfortably right. Forget Mel Gibson in "Braveheart". The real reason William Wallace went to war with the English is he was over charged for a kilt...

So if I were charged with finding a player for the Rams, I'd most likely look for a bargain. This series of articles will cover players on both sides of the line and where better to start than at Outside Linebacker? I'll post a single possible choice as often as I can for your thoughts and vote as a potential Ram. Today I submit for your scrutiny: Thomas Howard, OLB, Oakland Raiders.

Here's a bit of video I found interesting:

Howard had an off year in 2010 due to injury. He also should be an odd man out for the Raiders, who hip deep in linebackers at the moment. Kamerion Wimbley has a one year deal as a FFA that should morph into something bigger after the 2011 given his pass rushing ability. Howard is young, big and quick with excellent reach. In his best year as a Raider (2007), he shined, intercepting six passes, with a 28.7 yard return average. At 6'3 and 240 lbs., he has the size and speed to make a difference in a Spags defense.

Cons: Coming off two ACL injuries; Needs work on rush D

My opinion: This is a Spags kind of guy that could be a serious bargain. Depending on price and health status, his experience could pay dividends in a lockout shortened pre-season. This is a guy looking for a fresh start. How he fits the "Four Pillars" is a coin flip.