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St. Louis Rams unlikely to pursue Plaxico Burress

I think we can officially put the Plaxico Burress to the St. Louis Rams talk to rest...for now. Though, I'm sure some will continue to flog the notion out of sheer intransigence. And of course, don't be surprised if Burress' representatives use that to try and drum up a little interest.

Evan Silva of Rotoworld/NBC/PFT posted a quick Twitter message last night, citing reliable sources who say that the Rams are unlikely to pursue the recently freed Plaxico Burress. Instead, Josh McDaniels will double down on his 2-TE system, which you can read much more about here. Given that Plaxico is most likely nothing more than a red zone threat and a third down guy at this point in his career, it would make little sense to bring him in after committing a second-round pick to the tight end strategy.

Of course, never say never. Injuries or other new realities can always change things. But for now, we can dispense with the silly talk and the notions of tweaking the roster by adding big names with big question marks. I'll anxiously await what news starts to percolate around Sidney Rice.