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Random Ramsdom, 6/10: By the time I get to Arizona

A look at St. Louis Rams and NFL news.
A look at St. Louis Rams and NFL news.

Friday mornings in June typically lack for NFL talk, lockout or not. Today is no different. Unless you want more Plaxico Burress to the St. Louis Rams talk. I'll pass. Bonus points for working in a Public Enemy reference in the title, huh? Some links for the morning...

Rams players practice in Phoenix
Sam Bradford, James Laurinaitis and Ron Bartell have assembled the troops in the Phoenix area, as if St. Louis weren't hot enough, for another round of player workouts. This series of workouts will also include some work with video and on the whiteboard, with Bradford and the other captains reviewing the playbook. Practice is scheduled to wrap up on Sunday.

Steven Jackson being honored in Las Vegas tonight
Steven Jackson is in Las Vegas where he'll be inducted into the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame tonight. Jackson is one of several athletes being honored.

NFL Mocks 2011 NFL Power Rankings
Can't accuse me of being a homer. Someone really liked the Rams here, enough to put them at #5 on a preseason power rankings list. That might be a little optimistic for even my taste, but it's good to see the Rams finally being acknowledged. Man, it's been a long, long time.

More preseason fantasy rankings
Didn't get enough fantasy football yesterday? NFP takes a look at the top ten receivers, running backs and quarterbacks. Nobody from the St. Louis Rams makes the cut. I have a sneaking suspicion that won't be true at the end of the season.