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Bill Parcells: St. Louis Rams headed in the right direction

Bill Parcells doesn't know St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo particularly well; however, he does like what he's seen from Spags' two years coaching the Rams. Tuna was on local sports talk radio today and threw out some positive things about the Rams. 

I don't know Steve [Spagnuolo] too well, but I did observe him quite a bit and coached against him. I was in Dallas when he was with the Giants. I always thought he did a good job. It looks like to me that St.Louis and I'm not just saying this because I'm talking on a St.Louis [radio] station is really headed in the right direction.

Trending up for the Rams per Parcells, their QB situation and the defense. Here he is:

They have the major problem that confronts every franchise in hand and that's the quarterback. The other three teams there are unsettled at that position, so I think that gives the Rams a good foothold on going forward, but as with every sport defense is very, very important. I do see things improving for the Rams as well. It looks their pass rush is getting better. They have some young, active linebackers. I think that's the key. I always thought Steven Jackson was a good player. I think to get someone to go along with him would be helpful in this point in time and I think I am not scouting the team here, but quite apparently they could use just a little more firepower. I think that would really enhance [Sam] Bradford's ability to generate big points because he looks like a guy who is going to be capable of doing that once the firepower increases a little.

Well there you have it. 

It should be noted that Parcells appeared on the same "Zach and the Coach" segment, with Rick Venturi, that got duped by the phony Mardy Gilyard Facebook page last week. Hopefully they were able to verify Parcells' presence from a talking dog by the same name with his own Facebook page.