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Will the Rams sign Torry Holt or Mark Clayton or neither?

Last week, the Ram players had their first "official" team practice. The time the players spent went towards learning more of the offensive play book and practice their route running with Bradford. Those same players decided to bring back Torry Big Game Holt to help coach. Not only did he mentor the young wide receivers on correct route running, but he also ran a few routes himself. Judging from the below quote, I'm sure Danny Amendola still thinks that Holt still has it.

"He ran a route and he was talking in the middle of his route telling us how to do it. And he ran a great route at full speed. And somebody was guarding him too, which was pretty amazing."

Right now the Rams are without a true veteran receiver. Before the lockout started the Rams were in talks with Mark Clayton about him coming back to the Rams. The truth is would you blame them for wanting to resign Clayton? Clayton and Bradford hit it off instantly and Clayton became Bradford's number one target. But you never know what will happen in the NFL, and this is the Rams we are talking about, they do make surprising decisions at times.

The thing is though, both of these players are coming off bad leg injures. Torry Holt was in New England for a short while, so he should know the basics of the offense. This will be a new offense for Clayton, but you can't deny the chemistry Bradford and him had last season. Also, the Rams did draft two rookie wide receivers, so how do we know that they want to add a veteran wide out?

In my honest opinion, I think Clayton will have the best chance to be a Ram over Holt. Its not a 100% chance, but I think it will happen. The final decision will be up to Josh Mcdaniel's. Like I said earlier he might be content with the players we have, even though I'm sure most of us wouldn't be.

This decision will be interesting, whenever the lockout is over. The reason I believe that the Rams could go either way with this is because of what the New England Patriots did last season. The Pats traded their best offensive weapon in Randy Moss and didn't look back. Since the Rams are going to be borrowing from that system, it would make sense that we don't have to weigh an individual player over the whole receiving corp. But that is another story for another day.