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Are the St. Louis Rams a possible landing spot for Randy Moss?

Are the St. Louis Rams a potential destination for free agent WR Randy Moss? Maybe. That's the talk, which is mostly speculative, bouncing around the chattering classes right now. Rams GM Billy Devaney gave some thought to Moss when Minnesota dumped him last year. 

St. Louis area caterers, you have been thusly warned. 

Why Moss, again? Naturally, the Josh McDaniels connection is huge here. Moss had a career year in 2007 when McDaniels was the offensive coordinator in New England. Can't let Steve Spagnuolo have all the past-team connections for free agents, right? 

Naturally, it begs the question of whether or not the Rams would take a flyer. There's already a logjam at wide receiver, after the team added two more in the 2011 NFL Draft. Bradford seems set for possession receivers. A deep threat is still in question. Donnie Avery would seem to be that guy, but there's a big question as to whether or not he's still got the kind of speed that made him the first receiver picked in the 2008 draft after suffering a nasty knee injury last year. Don't forget, Avery is a holdover from the previous regime, actually, the previous, previous regime. Established offensive coordinators don't get attached to guys they have no connection too. 

As mentioned in this piece today from Sando on the Moss issue, he seems to be pretty one dimensional at this point, 34-years-old, as a deep threat. Or he could be...if he has anything left in the tank. He's only two years removed from 1,200+ yards and 15 yards=per-catch, but two years can be a long time in the NFL. 

Though I have my doubts, I frankly wouldn't be surprised at anything right now. 

There's always Plaxico Burress too in the troubled receivers department.