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The Rams Wide Receivers Have Questions, But They Haven't Given The Rams Any Answers

Do you really want to ask? The Rams wide receivers scored, just look away.
Do you really want to ask? The Rams wide receivers scored, just look away.

The St. Louis Rams really wanted to upgrade their receiving corps huh? If that's the case, it makes since that the Rams drafted two wide receivers in the 2011 draft.  Looking back it makes perfect sense that the Rams would draft a pair of wide receivers. Will those two players help the Rams next season? We don't know yet, but we do know that those two wide receivers fit Mcdaniels system.

I'm sure there were many reasons the Rams decided to pick Austin Pettis and Greg Salas. Maybe the fact that our leading receiver (Danny Amendola) only had 3 TDs. Maybe it was the fact that Steven Jackson was our 3rd leading receiver? Maybe it was the fact that the Rams had a wide receiver hit 100 yards only once last season. 

I think what pushed the Rams FO over the edge, was the fact that the Rams two leading receivers in their last game wasn't even receivers. Regardless of the system, our offense has to play better than that. So those two players being added to the Rams shouldn't be much of a surprise. 

This will be an interesting off season to be sure. In my opinion I think it would be dumb to compare our wide receivers right now, and try to guess who will stay on the roster (it is interesting though, so keep doing it.). However lets look at the question marks that our 2010-2011 wide receivers have.

Danario Alexander- The main questions for Alexander have to be health related.

The biggest is can he stay injury free? Alexander has had a few knee injuries in college, hopefully he won't this year.

Will Alexander be a hundred percent before the regular season starts? There is no way that Alexander could be 100% last season, hopefully this year he will be.

Danny Amendola- You have to nitpick to find questions about Amendola,however I was able to come up with a couple.

Is Danny a one year wonder, or will he improve in Mcdaniels system? Amendola was basically a throwaway that landed in the Rams lap. I don't know much about Mcdaniel's system, but hopefully he translate to Mcdaniel's system.

Will Amendola come back to the Rams in 2012? This year he was tendered, just in case the league goes back to their regular CBA. Not last season no salary cap year.

Mardy Gilyard- It's not hard to pick questions for Gilyard, I just wonder if he will be back next season.

Will Gilyard be able to learn Mcdaniels play book? Man, he thought the West Coast play book was bad, I heard the Mcdaniel's is more complex.

Will Gilyard get adjusted to the pros?  Because when he was on the field last season, it really didn't benefit the Rams

Will the Rams have the luxury of keeping him, with two other rookies on the roster? Gilyard is a project that they hope can work out, but drafting two wide receivers make a young player. who didn't do anything last season expendable.

Brandon Gibson- The player I'm pulling for this season, even has a couple of big questions.

Will Gibson improve going into his third season? You have to remember that Gibson, was on the Eagles practice squad in 2009, he is still developing.

Will Gibson become more of a play maker next season? Last season Gibson had a couple of wow moments, but nothing that makes you think he could do it all the time.

Will the team release Gibson, since they have rookies with the same skill set ? Gibson is a big receiver like Pettis and Salas. He might separate himself from them in training camp though.

Laurent Robinson- I know it seems like a long shot, but who knows

Will Robinson be 100% going into the season? He fractured his fibula in 2009, he should finally be healthy soon.

Will Robinson be able to move on from last season? Last season was horrible for Robinson, if he is going to get past that, he will have to forget it.

Can Robinson live up to the potential he showed in the 2009 season? Before he got injured he looked like a good play maker, but just like a couple of other players it slowed him down.

Donnie Avery- Everyones favorite speedster has a few questions also.

Can Avery rebound from his torn ACL? Avery is a speedster, who knows how fast he will be by training camp. It usually takes more then a year after playing on it to be 100%.

Will Mcdaniels want Avery back? Mcdaniels never had just a pure speed guy, so it will be interesting to see if Mcdaniels wants Avery to stay a Ram.

Mark Clayton- The one player that we all want the Rams to resign.

Will Mark Clayton come back next season? The Rams might not want to sign him back, after the injury, and they added two wide receivers just in case.

Will Clayton be the same player Bradford had, if he does come back? That was a pretty bad injury Clayton had at the end of the year, I hope he will be fine, but you never know.