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Turf Show Radio open thread


(Update by 3k at 9:25pm ET)

  Here's the audio:

  In 40 minutes, Van and I will storm the internet airwaves with a post-draft Turf Show Radio episode.

  What is there to talk about?  Well, there's eight draft picks.  There's unofficial practices going down, in place of the rookie minicamp that was originally scheduled for this weekend.  And the Kentucky Derby.  I'm not sure what that has to do with the Rams, but I'm sure Van can work his segue magic and connect the dots.

  And yes, I will be watching the Derby in the middle of Turf Show Radio.  It should be a fun distraction for all of two minutes.  Last year, I pegged the winner of all three Triple Crown races in Iraq.  Now, back in the States, I'm pretty sure I'll go 0 for 3.

  So hit us up.  Just dial (724) 444-7444 and enter the show ID followed by the pound symbol (97249#).  If you're not a TalkShoe member, hit 1#, and we'll get you on the air.