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Random Ramsdom, 5/7: Answers for 2011, questions for 2012

Thinking about the St. Louis Rams in 2011, and looking ahead to 2012.
Thinking about the St. Louis Rams in 2011, and looking ahead to 2012.

The NFL may not be motived to sustain fan interest, but St. Louis Rams fans are indomitable, at least they are here at Turf Show Times. Here's a gaggle of links to occupy you on a Saturday. 

On a personal note, I'm beat, and am going to take a little break this weekend. Actually, I promised my wife that I would stay away all weekend, but...of mice and men and all that. 3k and I are going to kick out the jams on TSR this afternoon, but I'm going to be MIA until Monday. In the meantime, 3k, Tevin, Ram_rod, buckeyefan will have you covered all weekend. 

Now, the links.

The 10 stages of Draft Grief
Long-time TST and one of our in-house draft gurus, dbcouver, walks us through the 10 stages of draft grief. It takes a village to cope right?

Which receiver will play where?
DekaJ takes an early look at which Rams receiver will play where when the season starts, and which ones will be on the roster. 

Players should consider hiring fired coaches to help with workouts
If Sam Bradford could get Ben McDaniels, Josh's brother and an assistant in Denver, to train with them during the lockout, it might be just as good as a minicamp. Sam has the playbook now, so why not. Question: are all the 2 TE sets they have planned penciled into the book yet?

Ranking the 2012 draft class
An early look at the best players at each offensive position in the 2012 NFL Draft class. Next year has a bumper crop of first-round wide receivers. There are also a couple of real good looking running back prospects.

Post-draft questions: NFC West
The 2011 NFL Draft is over, but every team still faces questions. Dan asks if the Rams can find a backup running back in free agency, or did they miss their opportunity completely. 

2012 NFL mock draft
The Rams take a different tact in this mock draft, going for another first-round Oklahoma player (the last seems to have worked out pretty well). However, it's not at a position you might expect the Rams to draft for in the first round.

2011 KENTUCKY DERBY DAY: Results and Open Thread
Running results and commentary on all the races taking place today at Churchill Downs, including the 2011 Kentucky Derby. Check out SBNation's horse racing site for all the pony info you need. And, yes, this makes me think of my absolute favorite Stones song, "Dead Flowers," and the many excellent cover versions. "...making bets on Ken-tucky Derby day." It's pretty amazing think just how well a group of Englishmen could capture the essence of American roots, in this case country, music, right down to the twang.