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2011 NFL Draft recap on Turf Show Radio today, 6 p.m. Eastern

Turf Show Radio in on the air!
Turf Show Radio in on the air!

Admit it, you have not yet had your fill of draft talk. The 2011 NFL Draft is a week old now, eons in internet time. But you know you need to talk even more about what the St. Louis Rams did with their handful of draft picks. Have I got an opportunity for you...

Turf Show Radio makes its triumphant return today at 6 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Central. 3k and I will recap the draft, break down the picks, talk about the controversial second-round pick of TE Lance Kendricks. We might hit on the Rams wide receiver stack up, who's in, who's out. 

And of course, take a few shots at the NFL for this ridiculous lockout. 

We moved the show to the free confines of Talk Shoe. The call-in info's still the same: (724) 444-7444, and show ID #97249. Call that number at the designated time and you are officially in business. 

Holler at us.