Roles receivers will serve in 2011: Wideouts

As everyone knows, the Rams have a lot of Receivers, none of them being Elite wideouts. However, I believe that if we put them in specific roles we could have a Top 15 offense.I also think that Mardy will be on the practice Squad and Laurent Robinson will be gone maybe even Brandon Gibson though that is less likely.

Danny Amendola- Slot Receiver- Danny will saty playing is normal role as our main slot receiver. In McD's offense he won't get the ball as much but will be a primary target on 2-6 yard third downs. Projected Stats- 47 Catches, 400 yds, 3 TD's

Danario Alexander- Starter #2- We all know the kind of potential DX has. If it weren't for his knee, he would have been a 1st-2nd round pick. He is our biggest receiver and might have the best vertical jump out of all of them. He has good speed and decent hands. Don't let the Seattle game fool you. DX might only be second to Danny in terms of ability to catch the ball. If healthy he has the skill to be a decent WR maybe our #! dependiing on where he fits in McD's offense. Projected Stats- 40-60 catches, 650-800 yds., 4 TD's

Mark Clayton- Starter #1- in overall skill, Mark is our best receiver. He most likely have surpassed 1000 yds. had he not been injured. He doesn't have the most consistent hands but is the most balanced out of our receivers. I don't think he will put up Brandon Lloyd numbers but he will do well for his skill set and talent.Projected Stats- 60-70 catches, 900-1050 yds., 5 TD's.

Donnie Avery- 3rd receiver- Donnie was our fastest receiver, hands down. If he regains that speed is yet to be known. However if he does, he will stay on this team. He's a burner and that's exactly what he'll be doing in this offense. Maybe even occasionally working the screen game. He reminds me of Desean Jackson. I'm not saying he's as good as him but he plays with the same skill set but with not as consistent hands. Projected Stats- 30-40 catches, 550 yds., 3 TD's.

Austin Pettis- 4th receiver- There's alot of criticism of pettis when you talk about his speed or lack thereof. His skillset is reliable hands over the middle with any amount of contact and being a HUGE redzone threat.He will primarily be playing when the Rams have less than 30 yards to go the endzone. I don't expect to see him put up huge numbers considering he's a 3rd round rookie but expect him to do well with the playing time he does get. Projected Stats- 20-35 catches, 300 yds., 4 TD's.

Greg Salas- 2nd slot receiver- Not much to say about Greg. I always heard about him but never saw him play.I think he is faster than Danny though so he might put up similar numbers. This is assuming he gets substantial playing time. Projected Stats- 20-40 catches, 100-250 yds., No TD's.

I'll do TE's next week and defensive roles within the next two weeks.