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Random Ramsdom, 5/6: A fresh look at free agents

Who are the top ranked free agents that the St. Louis Rams could be interested in?
Who are the top ranked free agents that the St. Louis Rams could be interested in?

It's a Friday morning, the 2011 NFL Draft is almost officially a week old. Rather than keep fan interest and allow team to go through spring practices, the NFL is closed for business, locked out to be exact. Nevertheless, we have plenty to talk about today, so let's get this day started with a quick round up of all the St. Louis Rams news you need to know. 


Ranking the free agents...if there are any
Pete Prisco takes a look at the potential free agent class for 2011. You'll never guess which cornerback is atop the list, and totally off the Rams radar. The highest rated RB is Darren Sproles, followed by Cedric Benson at #24 & 25. There are some DTs on this list, including Cullen Jenkins who could be a nice get for a 3-technique.

Infographic: Stretching the Field
Rams Herd is back this week, taking a really interesting look at how passes get spread around, to which area of the field, in a Josh McDaniels offense.

Rookie quarterbacks, have fun with that lockout
For all the talk about the lockout's impact on the Rams and their offensive transition, teams with rookie QBs could really struggle without those May and June workouts to learn the playbook. No, there's no irreparable harm being done here...none at all.

Darcy Johnson keeps on keeping on
TE Darcy Johnson didn't see much work at all with the Rams, and with the log jam at TE now, he most certainly won't be back. Nevertheless, he's working out and staying busy during the offseason.

The Toronto Rams?
Forget that Los Angles talk, the next NFL city is...Toronto. Ok, it's unlikely at this point, but the cleanest, friendliest town in North American wants an NFL team. Could they sustain it better than they did baseball?