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Caption this: Post-draft edition

Hard to believe that a week ago, just a single week ago, we were smack dab in the middle of the 2011 NFL Draft. By this time, the St. Louis Rams had already made their surprising, but well-reviewed first round pick of North Carolina DE Robert Quinn. Then the second day of the draft started...

And it's been a whirlwind every since. Personally, I had one helluva week. I'm still trying to work my fingers back to life after typing a few hundred thousand words. Not to mention all that other stuff that cropped up this week in Van's world, and I mean some major events, event really, that served as an ominous backdrop for my entire weekend. I'm not usually one for delving into my personal life, but I just might do it this time since it made this one incredibly memorable draft for me. 

But not now. 

Now, I'm tired. And need to slink off into slumber soon, get a few hours of shuteye in before firing this thing up again tomorrow at 5 a.m.

Still, I've got a few more smart remarks left...gotta get those out because I hate to go to sleep and lose a good smart ass quip. Perfect time for a caption this post, no?

Have at it.