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Turf Show Radio, post-draft edition - Saturday, 6pm ET


  2011 NFL Draft?  Over. Offseason activities?  Not happening.  Turf Show Radio?  Let's get it.  This Saturday at 6pm ET, Van and I get back on the Turf Show Radio grind.  The call-in info's still the same: (724) 444-7444, and show ID #97249.

  Obviously, we'll talk about the draft, but there's not a ton left to say that we as a community haven't discussed yet.  So what's going to be on tap?  Who knows.  Any time Van and I hit the airwaves, we get into some wacky topics.  And I seem to have the live jinx.  I was on Sooner Nation, the official show of Crimson and Cream Machine (SBN's Oklahoma community) on Sunday, and had the awkward honor of interrupting a show about football to drop the Osama bin Laden news.  I'm pretty sure that ruined the segment.

  So hopefully, there won't be any notable deaths during the show, and we can just yak football for an hour or so.

  Holler at us.