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Which Rams receivers are most likely to lose their roster spots?

Is Brandon Gibson's roster spot at risk after the Rams added two possession receivers in the draft?
Is Brandon Gibson's roster spot at risk after the Rams added two possession receivers in the draft?

The question of which wide receivers will make the St. Louis Rams final roster promises to be one of the more interesting stories at training camp this year. With two new receivers - Austin Pettis and Greg Salas - added via the draft, the Rams will likely have 12 receivers competing for, probably, 6 spots. No receiver on the roster has a guaranteed spot either. So which ones are most likely to go?

Jim Thomas at the Post-Dispatch offered some speculation in his chat with fans this week. Here's what he said:

I do think Robinson and Gilyard could be in trouble. And then maybe Gibson or Avery.

It's all a guess at this point. I think Robinson is probably a goner for sure given his consistency issues last year. To me Gilyard can stick because of his speed, but he will have to show that he can catch the ball and that he's learned the route tree. Making the transition in offenses could hurt Gilyard...or it might not matter since he didn't have a grasp on the last offense. 

I like Gibson and think he flashed some real potential down the stretch last year. In the end, both Pettis and Salas do what he does as a possession receiver with a higher ceiling. 

For Avery, the key will be proving he still has his breakaway speed. The Rams drafted Avery for that very reason, and he showed on a few occasions in his rookie year what he can do with it. Staying healthy will also be a key factor. 

Mark Clayton and Danario Alexander will have roster spots...if they can stay off IR. 

The guys at the bottom of the roster, Brandon McRae and Dominique Curry, had value on special teams, but the Rams looked like they hauled in some special teamers late in the draft this year. 

We'll have lots more on this as between now and the final roster cutdown in September.