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Kevin Kolb and the NFC West QB situation

Word today is that the Arizona Cardinals are the team most likely to trade for Philadelphia QB Kevin Kolb. That news comes from Adam Schefter, naturally. All of this depends on when league business actually resumes (more in a minute). 

Kolb has been heavily linked to the NFC West, given that the division is a black hole for quarterbacks right now, save for the St. Louis Rams and Sam Bradford. At times, Kolb has been linked to every other team in the division, but following the draft those speculative suitors have been winnowed down to Arizona and Seattle. 

Arizona had also been considered the most likely destination for former Rams QB Marc Bulger. Another possibility for both teams is Carson Palmer, who looks like he'll get his wish be traded after the Benglas drafted Andy Dalton in the second round of the draft. 

Seattle's renewed emphasis on the offensive line in this draft makes for a friendlier destination for a QB, one much more likely to foster some success. But Pete Carroll could be doubling down on Charlie Whitehurst as his signal caller. Landing Kolb is a big risk for the Cardinals. Yes, Kolb's a relatively unknown commodity, but they'll likely have to give up a handsome bounty in draft picks to get him. He'll also be landing in a place with a poor offensive line in place, and not much available in free agency to improve the unit. Put the two ingredients together and you have a recipe for disaster. 

Any new quarterbacks that do land in the NFC West will face a fearsome Rams pass rush. Have fun with that new guys!