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Limited edition Madden 12 cover to feature Marshall Faulk

A very bronzed Marshall Faulk will grace the cover of a limited edition Hall of Fame version of Madden 12.

Peyton Hillis has been making the rounds today with the world getting its first chance to see the Madden 12 cover boy. Hillis will not be the only player to grace the cover of the classic game. Another version is coming out that will have a little more appeal to fans of the St. Louis Rams

Marshall Faulk's visage will grace the cover of a special, and pricey, Hall of Fame edition of the game. The HOF version of Madden 12 will be released on August 30, in a limited run of 125,000 copies. And sorry fans outside the United States, you'll have to have someone grab one and ship it to you as it won't be available outside of the US. Oh, the price...this bronzed God edition will set you back $89.99 off the shelf. 

Of course, those ninety bones get you more than a fancy cover with the Hall of Fame entrant so dear to Rams fans. It also comes with an autographed trading card, signed by #28 himself. It also comes with a bundle of other trading cards, if cardboard rectangles are your thing.