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NFL's most injury-prone players: Somehow the St. Louis Rams escape the list


Surprisingly enough nobody from the St. Louis Rams 2010 roster made this list of the ten most injury-prone players. Of course, if you haven't been in the NFL very long, which could describe most of the Rams roster, it's hard to earn a reputation for being injury-prone.

Of the current group, Donnie Avery is probably seen as the Rams most injury-prone player. However, he adamantly denied that label in an interview with the Post-Dispatch last week. Avery played all but one game during his first two seasons in the league, but he did miss time in the preseason both years. Last year's injury was more of a freak accident as opposed to a continuation of a specific injury. 

Another player from the Rams that could have the injury-prone label is Steven Jackson. Prior to 2010, Jackson's last 16 game season came in 2006. He missed reps last year because of a groin and hand injury. 

One player of interest to the Rams on that list is possible free agent RB DeAngelo Williams. He missed 10 games last year and three the year before that. Williams was mentioned as a potential, high-end solution to the Rams need at backup/complementary running back. Injury history is something to consider since the whole point of bringing in another running back to extend Steven Jackson's career.