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Random Ramsdom, 5/30: Memorial Day edition

A look at the NFL and St. Louis Rams headlines.
A look at the NFL and St. Louis Rams headlines.

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Hopefully, you're getting out there, eating some BBQ, hanging out with the family. In case you get bored, here's a few links to give you a St. Louis Rams fix throughout the day. We'll be back in the swing of things tomorrow. And as a really special treat, 3k rolls out what promises to be a legendary post with a long look at Josh McDaniels and the two-tight end offense. 

The links...

Walkthrough: Empty Premise
How do teams fare with an empty backfield on third-and-short? The Rams don't do run with an empty backfield very often, since they have Steven Jackson and doing so would take away that weapon.

Justin Blackmon Player Profile
Justin Blackmon had one of the most memorable seasons for a college wide out in NCAA history. Many thought he would declare for the 2011 NFL Draft but he decided to stay in school. He tends to split opinion with many thinking that his inflated numbers are due to Dana Holgorsen's pass happy offense; whilst others think that he is the real deal.

Outspoken Pitts: Players 'in this for the long fight' - NFL - Football
Seattle OG Chester Pitts has been one of the leading men for the players in the labor battle, going toe-to-toe with Roger Goodell and Jeff Pash. He gave an interview last week with the press, sharing his thoughts on Kurt Warner's comments, the owners' strategy for the lockout and the players commitment to finding the long-term answer in the labor fight.

Saucy stats: 1 in 12 NFL fans drunk when leaving the game
A surprising new study reveals that one out of every dozen fans leaving an NFL game are drunk. Obviously, this study is completely off base. It has to be more like 1 in 2. Unless, they're missing the count by counting against fans leaving the game, with so many already passed out.

NCAA 2012 Video Game Update
For all the talk about Madden 12, anyone out there spend much time with NCAA 2012? That franchise got a big update this year.