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Jim Tressel resigns at Ohio State

(Update from 3k at 9:14pm ET: The SI investigation story is out, and, well...yeah.  This is why he "resgined" today.  Great work from Dohrmann, and a great read.)

Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel resigned this morning, according to the Columbus Dispatch. Head coach at OSU since 2001, Tressel hangs it up as a tattoo and cheap cars swirl around the vaunted program. The St. Louis Rams have a direct connection to Ohio State, with OSU-product James Laurinaitis leading a group of linebackers populated primarily by fellow Buckeyes. The Rams used their fifth-round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft on Ohio State S Jermale Hines

Tressel already faced a five game suspension. Several of his players, including QB Terrelle Pryor, are out for a big chunk of the season as well. Tressel found himself in the middle of dueling scandals. Among the more well-known is the tattoo-for-schwag arrangement. A second investigation around friendly pricing for player cars is also underway. 

Lots more Ohio State talk over at SBNation's OSU site, Along the Olentangy.

With the NFL taking away anything to talk about, seems like as good a time as any to delve into a discussion on NCAA rules. Tattoos. Tattoos put an end to one of the most successful head coaches in the country. Whether you're an OSU fan or not, that's merits some kind of response.