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Derrick Locke, Ricky Henry and Mark Herzlich nabbed in UFL draft

Just in case you still had draft fever, the UFL draft concluded yesterday. Through ten rounds, a few names that were of interest to armchair GMs for the St. Louis Rams got snatched up by the time the whole affair ended, including Kentucky RB Derrick Locke

Locke was one of the scatback types the Rams talked to at the Senior Bowl in January. Locke is a smaller guy who has had some trouble staying healthy through his career. The Rams and every other NFL team passed on Locke as he went undrafted this weekend. 

The Omaha Nighthawks drafted Locke in the ninth round of the UFL draft. Let me repeat that last part for you in case you were holding out any hope for Locke to be one of the Rams undrafted free agents: the ninth round of the UFL draft. 

LB Mark Herzlich was perhaps the most well-known name in the draft. Nebraska guard Ricky Henry is one name that I think would have been a nice late-round option for the Rams. He needs work on his technique, but he uses his hands and feet well, has a nasty streak and was part of a very good Nebraska run blocking unit. Henry was picked in the fourth round of the UFL draft. 

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