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Random Ramsdom, 5/28: Kroenke gets the Premier League blessing

A look at the St. Louis Rams and NFL headlines for May 28.
A look at the St. Louis Rams and NFL headlines for May 28.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. I hope you're getting some quality time with friends and family over the next few days and enjoying a little time away from work. Holiday or not, you need a little St. Louis Rams talk to keep you going. Power through with these links...

BBC Sport - Kroenke deal for Arsenal gets Premier League approval
Arsenal say the Premier League has given approval to the takeover of the club by American Stan Kroenke. He made his formal offer, and shareholders of the remaining 37 percent have 14 days to respond. So far, the other shareholders have not accepted. That includes Uzbek oil oligarch Alisher Usmanov, who has launched a bid himself to own the full 37 percent minority stake. He current owns 27 percent. How does this impact the Rams? So far it doesn't. Kroenke has a very good track record at running big businesses. He should be able to turn a hefty profit on his PL team, which means he won't have to go cheap on his NFL investment. Given his takeover bid, however, I'm sure he'd like a little more certainty in the NFL's situation.

Usmanov raises Arsenal stake
Competing with Stan Kroenke to buy up the remaining shares of the Arsenal (see above) Alisher Usmanov completed a purchase of more shares yesterday, just as Kroenke got the okay from the EPL, to up his stake to 28 percent.

Bradford, Goldberg Laurinaitis and DeMaurice Smith visit Joplin
Five players from the St. Louis Rams, including QB Sam Bradford, visited tornado devastated Joplin, MO this week, with the help of DeMaurice Smith. They were there with the Red Cross talking to families impacted by the disaster. The Rams sent $25,000.

Bradley Fletcher ready to go
Bradley Fletcher is ready to go, at 100 percent, after coming back from a serious knee injury last year. As Fletcher put it, "Now I can just go. I don't even have to think about it." This could be a really big year for Fletcher, who was pretty good with the Rams last year.

Hoomanawanui likes what he sees
The Rams' Josh McDaniels' authored playbook is just fine for TE Michael Hoomanawanui, with its focus on tight ends. Uh Oh is working his way back from ankle injuries last year, and it sounds like he's healed and ready to play. He injured both ankles last year, which isn't a big surprise. He rushed back from the first one, likely causing him to overcompensate, putting more pressure on his other ankle.

Handicapping the field for Los Angeles
Albert Breer from the NFL Network told PFT Live yesterday that he believes the San Diego Chargers are at the top of the list for an LA relocation. He also included the Carolina Panthers as a surprise entrant in the West Coast sweepstakes. What's he say about the Rams?

Union, schmoonion...says De Smith
It's just bluster, a negotiating move, but keep an eye on DeMaurice Smith's latest talk about players not going back to being a union. That scenario would be a nightmare for owners, making every player in the league a free agent and making it impossible for them to have any control over salaries and revenue. Of course, it's impossible and would destroy the competitiveness of the league, but it's just a threat intended to get the ball further down the field in labor talks. Leverage.

Gore's agent says 49ers' RB is 'fully recovered'
Frank Gore's agent says he's fully he is every year. If he is healthy, the 49ers will have a pretty impression running game with Gore and Kendall Hunter. They just need a QB. I sincerely hope this isn't the year Steven Jackson is on the injury reports with Frank Gore-like consistency.