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Has Mardy Gilyard asked the St. Louis Rams for a trade?

Has St. Louis Rams second-year wide receiver Mardy Gilyard requested a trade? That's the rumor out there right now as reported by Rick Venturi on EPSN 101 radio in St. Louis. If so, it makes it pretty clear that Gilyard's time with the Rams is over as soon as the lockout ends. The Gilyard bit comes about 1:30 into it.

AUDIO: Gilyard trade request

Gilyard has been the subject of much conversation among Rams fans lately. After struggling with the playbook in his rookie season, his absence at player-organized workouts this week was very conspicuous. And much criticized. Unlike offensive linemen or Steven Jackson, the practices offered receivers a golden opportunity to work on the Rams Josh McDaniels' scripted playbook with QB Sam Bradford, who has been working with it himself...maybe with a little informal assistance from very, very close contact of McDaniels, his brother Ben. 

Later reports suggested that Gilyard missed the practices to attend a friend's funeral in Florida. The Rams have some concerns about Gilyard, specifically about his social life, and other sources have told us that some inside the front office question whether or not he has the desire to play at the NFL level. If so, that could be cause for some tension. I've asked Gilyard via his representation for a response. As fans, we'd love to hear Gilyard's take on the issues at hand. 

Of course, it would be hard for Gilyard to have requested a trade right now since players and coaches/front office people can't have any contact with each other. His request could have come via his agent and perhaps before the lockout started or during the brief window it was lifted last month. 

Or it could just be a rumor. 

Gilyard still has potential, but he probably wouldn't fetch much on the trading block, a late round pick or a similar player on the fringe of a team's depth chart. 

If Gilyard does want out of St. Louis, making an appearance at this week's practices or somehow sending a strong signal that he's working hard in spite of the lockout would be advisable. We know that he is working out, and we also know that his injured wrist is still limiting his range of motion. 

After drafting receivers Austin Pettis and Greg Salas in the third and fourth rounds of the draft, the Rams have a dozen receivers vying for what will likely be just six spots on the final roster.