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Poll: St. Louis Rams fans favorite draft pick

The St. Louis Rams have taken a break for the Memorial Day holiday weekend...and the lockout, which is like one big long rainy holiday weekend. At this week's informal player-led practices, a few players were able to make an impression based on reports trickling out of the sessions, including some of the Rams 2011 draft picks.

From a fan's perspective, denying the players' team organized workouts has also denied us the opportunity to better get to know the Rams new draft picks. Turf Show Times will be talking to a few of those picks in the coming days. For now, I thought it might be a good opportunity to talk about a few of the Rams most recent draft picks, since 2008, to get a better sense of the fan favorites.

Admittedly the list below is incomplete. And it's almost unfair to put a franchise QB like Sam Bradford on the list. Of course he's a favorite draft pick, look at what he's done already. We'll refine this further after today's vote.

Who is your favorite St. Louis Rams draft pick?