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Random Ramsdom, 5/27: Why are we talking about 18 games again?

The latest news from around the NFL.
The latest news from around the NFL.

Finally. A nice long holiday weekend is here. Of course, for the St. Louis Rams and the rest of the NFL it's been a holiday weekend for about three months now as the lockout drags on and on. Let's take a look at the headlines.


Fells working without a net
Not having a contract didn't keep Daniel Fells away from working out with his 2010 teammates this week. He was one of several players working out sans contract this week. However, the Rams did tender him an RFA offer. Will he be back with the team or not this year? There has been talk of expanding rosters by three players if the lockout cuts off too much time.

Bradford, receivers work inside
Sam Bradford and his receivers moved their work inside yesterday, hitting the whiteboard instead of the gridiron. That was followed by one of the most dangerous things players in labor limbo can participate in: pickup basketball.

Oprah tie-in alert
Because I know so many of our fans are also Oprah fans, here's the St. Louis Rams connection to the Oprah show. Ok, now you see the irreparable harm being done to writers? I just posted a link about Oprah...that's irreparable harm.

Coaches and the lockout
After the coaches association filed a brief in support of lifting the lockout, coaches from the Washington Redskins fired back with a letter in support of ownership. It was a classy move, and one I'm sure their players will appreciate once the season resumes. Either way, however, coaches are caught in the middle of a fight. Many of the league's coaches are losing pay right now as the lockout drags into its third month. Andrew Brandt explains the situation coaches have been put in in this piece.

Goodell says season-ticket holders want 18-game season
It's baaaack. NFL commissioner and noted blockhead Roger Goodell brought up the specter of an 18-game season yesterday, telling Tennessee season ticket holders that he "hears all the time" season ticket holders express a desire for a longer season. An overwhelming majority of fans disagree. Season ticket holder, forced to buy tickets for two preseason games might be hung up on that fact.

Trent Richardson NFL Draft prospect notes 
One position that the Rams are going to have to address next year is running back, not for a quick fix, but finding a replacement(s) for Steven Jackson. They were very close to drafting Mark Ingram this year, but Robert Quinn's presence at #14 made him impossible to skip. Richardson is one of the top backs for next year's draft, though you know how we feel about using first round picks on running backs.

Dre Kirkpatrick NFL Draft scouting notes
I also wouldn't be surprised to see the Rams take a cornerback early in the draft next year. Ron Bartell's contract is up in 2013.