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St. Louis Rams HC Spagnuolo conducts "mock OTA" as tension flare between coaches and the NFL

As if you needed another reminder of just how absurd the NFL lockout has become. Miles away from where players from the St. Louis Rams were holding informal practices, the Rams coaching staff was putting its front office personnel through a "mock OTA" at Rams Park

Desperate to coach something, someone head coach Steve Spagnuolo put staff through the test. No word if he fired anyone after the exercise. Joking aside, it's a reminder that coaches need those offseason workouts to stay sharp too. 

More than anything, it's a reminder of just how foolish this whole thing has become. Locked out, players and coaches can't have almost no contact. They have to get permission to go to player weddings even. Just another reminder that this, ahem, labor impasse needs to get solved...soon. 

That the Rams coaches revealed their itchiness to start coaching again on the same day that the coaches association filed a brief in support of the players' court case today should not be lost on fans. The brief from coaches noted their relatively tenuous grasp on coaching jobs in today's NFL. Employment gets riskier in a results-driven league when they lose valuable practice time. 

Just to remind coaches who signs their paychecks, the NFL sent out a heavy handed note to coaches today reminding them of the possible consequences for violating the rules prohibiting contact with players. The memo went so far as to remind them that it could result in termination. 

In other news making the rounds today...