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Torry Holt could be of interest to teams looking for a veteran wide receiver

I meant to bring this up earlier, out of sheer obligation as opposed to anything else. But for all the suggestions by the national punditry for the St. Louis Rams adding a veteran wide receiver, what about former Rams great Torry Holt

In the piece that appeared in the Post-Dispatch this morning, Holt made it pretty clear that he wants to play football in 2011. He signed with the Patriots last year. However, an August knee injury ended his season. Holt says he is healthy and ready to play this season. 

What could be most intriguing about Holt for the Rams is his route running ability. I wouldn't read too much into his brief time with the Patriots last year, but he's a savvy veteran who can pick up an offense. If the Rams have concerns about their receivers when and if training camp wraps up, he could be a useful addition, depending on how things shake out elsewhere on the roster. 

Holt's also making himself marketable with his informal coaching work, showing that he can bring some value to a young team as a mentor and leader...something Plaxico Burress, Randy Moss or Chad Ochocinco can't say about themselves. With close ties to the old regime at Rams Park, Holt might be less attractive to Spagnuolo who has worked hard to cut ties with the past, be it on the roster or in the front office.