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More lockout news: Almost time to cut preseason games?

As you guys know, I never talk about the lockout. But today during the owners meeting. NFL commissioner Roger Goddell, said something that really struck home to me. You know what sucks the most about this? The Rams were going to play the Hall of Fame Game. Which would have been a nice primetime game for the fans.

"We don't have a date, but obviously that time is coming," Goodell said as owners wrapped up their spring meetings

I don't know about you guys, but I was naive not to think it would get this far. I honestly thought that things would get better by now. Of course, I could be blowing this out of proportion. But this is the 71st day of the lockout, and earlier this week the rookie symposium was cancelled.

Like everyone has said the June 3rd hearing about the lockout will determine where we go from here. Whoever wins that will get the most leverage, and hopefully they can agree to a deal late June or earlier July.

All we can do is hope that the players and owners can get this lockout settled soon, or the only NFL entertainment you will get will be Madden 2012. I will leave you with this quote down below.

Indianapolis Colts owner

Jim Irsay told the AP on Tuesday that he thinks a labor deal must by reached by July 4 to avoid putting the regular season in jeopardy. He also warned that even lost preseason games would have dire consequences in terms of lost revenue to the league.