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Random Ramsdom, 5/25: Rams to help out Joplin relief efforts

The St. Louis Rams will be helping out with the Joplin relief efforts.
The St. Louis Rams will be helping out with the Joplin relief efforts.

The rumblings are out there. Players are starting to talk publicly about a desire to get a deal done and play football. Owners, with slightly better message discipline, have to agree to some extent. Can they get around the lawyers and spectre of endless court battles to work out a deal? We'll see what happens in the wake of the upcoming decision from the 8th Circuit. If owners win, which they are expected to, I have a hard time seeing them willing to budge much on a deal, but I could be wrong. 

Some links...

Rams pitching in to help Joplin
The St. Louis Rams front office and coaching staff will be involved in the relief efforts for tornado stricken Joplin, MO. Spagnuolo got the team working to clean up from the storms that hit the St. Louis area last month, so this is a natural step. Joplin is a stone's throw away from Oklahoma, where Sam Bradford remains a pretty popular person. Because of the lockout, players will not likely be involved in the Rams' efforts.

Holt helping at Rams workouts
There's just something so right about seeing Torry Holt working out with the Rams. It's like he never left, like he belongs here. You get the sense that Holt sees his informal coaching as a step toward something else too...coaching or preferably playing again in the NFL. Holt also offers high praise for some of the Rams' current receivers.

Billionaire Alisher Usmanov Trumps Stan Kroenke’s Offer for Arsenal Shares
Uh oh. It's a bidding war in London. Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov , Arsenal’s second-largest shareholder, is offering to buy stakes in the English Premier League soccer club at a higher price than majority owner Stan Kroenke. Will Kroenke up his offer? Will that deflect resources from the currently idle Rams?

Rams’ Bradford running workouts like the NFL’s next great quarterback
More comparisons of Bradford with Manning and Brady, albeit for something besides his arm this time. Bradford's leadership and character have been evident since before the Rams drafted him, which is partly why it was bloody obvious who their pick would be last year.