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St. Louis Rams not the only team interested in Cadillac Williams

The St. Louis Rams may have some interest in signing free agent RB Cadillac Williams, but they are not the only team that would like to include him as a backup running back. To be exact, Williams' old team might have some interest in retaining his services for the 2011 NFL season, should that season ever start. 

Ok, technically, Williams is generating "buzz" at Rams Park

Tampa Bay head coach Raheem Morris told the Tampa press that he wants Williams and LB Barrett Rudd back with the team this year. Whether or not Tampa can afford to pay both players what they want remains to be seen. If the lockout cuts into the season too much, teams might be more willing to pay a premium to keep their former players for the sake of continuity. 

I still wonder about the idea of Williams. Like I said yesterday, the Rams have a third-down back, one of the best in the league. A guy I would like to see the Rams take a chance on is Falcons RB Jason Snelling. He can take on more of the power running than Williams or Darren Sproles, freeing up Steven Jackson to do more work as a receiver and outside runner. Atlanta slapped a second-round tender on the likely RFA Snelling, but with Michael Turner and Jacquizz Rodgers, they might be willing to trade him or even let him go for a cheaper option. I'd also be interested to see what the Eagles do with Jerome Harrison. They gave him an RFA tender, but they also drafted RB Dion Lewis in the fifth round this year. 

Of course, if the Rams really wanted to live on the edge, they can wait and see what the final roster cut downs make available. Probably need to find a fix before that, and be ready to jump on anything better that trickles out of team camps.