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Sam Bradford leads his St. Louis Rams through more formal, informal practice (video)

After informal practices in Houston and Phoenix, the St. Louis Rams got a little closer to home this week. Today, they started some more formal informal practices at Lindenwood University. The practices were closed to public, but Rams players, including Sam Bradford, felt like the work they did on the field had value. 

Bradford said that the informal sessions help get players familiar with the playbook, the new system being implemented under offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. And even though the coaches were not on hand, could not be on hand because of the lockout, the prodigious young QB led his teammates through it all. Bradford really showed his leadership on the field today. You can be forgiven if you forgot that he's only entering his second season in the NFL given the natural bearings of leader his exudes.

As for the playbook, Bradford said, "I like it. It's going to give us a shot to be a much more explosive offense."

Check out the video of Bradford below the jump (courtesy of KMOV). You can see the excitement on his face to be practicing football again. The lawyers may argue that there is no irreparable harm; Bradford and you and me, we know different.

Videos of Bradford, Amendola, Greg Salas and Lance Kendricks after the jump.


Danny Amendola

Greg Salas

Lance Kendricks