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New York Jets prepared to do St. Louis Rams a favor?

The New York Jets are interested in Randy Moss. And you should be ready to send Rex Ryan's team a thank you card. That ought to be enough, hopefully, the take the St. Louis Rams out of consideration for Moss, at least in the eyes of pundits who have lazily made the Moss-Josh McDaniels connection in recent weeks. 

Moss is one of several old timers being linked to the Rams out of a perceived need for a veteran wide receiver. It if seems like there's been an inordinate amount of talk about Moss and veteran wide receivers...well, there has been. Had this whole lockout not completely screwed up the offseason, we might have avoided such talk as the high tide of free agency would have come and gone with those names signing elsewhere, maybe. 

And why is the aging wide receiver something to stay away from? They don't produce, not as rule. Moss clearly lost his step last year. The list of receivers who have produced beyond the age of 34 (Moss' age this year) is short and notable for the exceptions it reveals: Isaac Bruce and Marvin Harrison

The flip side of this Moss-to-the-Jets talk is that Braylon Edwards is likely the odd man out, the guy they can't afford to keep. But I get the sense that the Rams are out of the big ticket free agent market for wide receivers this year.