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Random Ramsdom, 5/23: The road ahead

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What's next for the NFL in the lockout battle?
What's next for the NFL in the lockout battle?

Just a quick mention of the tornadoes that hit Missouri yesterday, particularly in Joplin where dozens are dead. Our thoughts go out to folks over there. If you want to lend a hand, the Red Cross is the most direct way to do so, and I'm sure there are other means to lend a hand as well, especially if you live in the area. 

Back to the St. Louis Rams and the NFL where it's hurry up and wait...wait for the judges...wait for a deal...wait, wait, wait. Let's go to the links.

The road ahead for the NFL, continued
Right now, speculating what happens next is wide open as the lockout drags on. The most likely course is that, following a ruling in the June appeal likely to favor the NFL, players and owners head back to the table and get something done in time to play football. Can the league offer players something to save face, especially their lawyers?

Eagles may be eager to talk to Plaxico Burress
Often linked to the Rams if for no other reason that the fact he's a former Giant, now Philly wants in on the Plax sweepstakes. Burress wouldn't really be a fit with the Rams who drafted WR Austin Pettis to be a big, sure-handed red zone threat.

Drop Percentage 
Kahled Elsayed of Pro Football Focus discusses the best and worst at haulign in catchable balls among NFL receivers. Surprisingly enough, no receivers from the Rams made either the list for the best drops percentage or the worst.

Ray Lewis warns of lockout related crime wave
Ray Lewis said that without football this fall crime will increase significantly. Yes, the obvious play here is that players out of the work will automatically increase the crime rates, but Lewis is talking about the rest of the America. All I know is that when I have to suffer through that first Sunday without football, I'll be ready to rip shit up. Neighbor's car, it's probably getting overturned and burned that week.

Madden 2012 Update
If you really dig the franchise options for Madden, it sounds like Madden 12 is going to be a big deal for you. It also has an insane level of draft preparation and draft day options.

Ponder might provide early dividends for Vikings 
Christian Ponder's pre-draft audition phase, starting with the Senior Bowl, may be an indicator of good things to come, says Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports. Can Ponder have the kind of success Bradford had in his rookie year?