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Randy Moss and some not so helpful advice for the St. Louis Rams

John Clayton from ESPN put some suggested moves for the post-lockout NFL on the table yesterday. His 10 sage tidbits included some advice for the St. Louis Rams to improve their offense. Actually, he suggested two free agent moves for the St. Louis Rams: signing WR Randy Moss and RB Darren Sproles. Really, we're still having the Moss conversation? Let's hear what Clayton has to say.

Sam Bradford proved with a very good rookie season that he could be on the verge of being an elite quarterback, but he is working with a young group of receivers. Too young. Moss and his speed would give Bradford a tall, proven deep threat. What do the Rams have to lose signing him to a one-year deal? And with the Rams opting not to add a No. 2 running back through the draft, adding Sproles could be a sleeper move. His quickness and explosiveness as a runner and receiver, along with his special-teams contributions, could make the Rams' offense scary.

The Rams have a veteran receiver on the team, kind of, in Mark Clayton. Prior to the gates crashing shut on March 12, Clayton and the Rams were close to inking a deal to bring the free agent back and hopefully recreate some of the magic he and Bradford realized. Once this infernal lockout ends, if it ends, Clayton will be a Ram...or will he?

Can Clayton and Bradford recreate what they had last year? Much of that will depend on Clayton's recovery; a patellar tendon tear is no minor thing. 

But for all the questions about whether or not Clayton can get any separation, there really isn't a question about Moss. He was gassed last year, unable to get any separation much less command the attention of opposing defenses. 

The idea of experience among the Rams receivers isn't a bad one, especially if Clayton can't play a role anymore. Plaxico Burress is another favorite in the national media, but the Rams decision to draft Austin Pettis and Greg Salas would make Plaxico a redundancy.

Another option, one Steven Jackson has lobbied for, is Chad Ochocinco. Could SJ39 help contain the sideshow? Ochocinco could be a deep threat on the outsides that the Rams need, but besides the off-field stuff there's a legitimate question to be asked about just what he has left. Interestingly enough, Evan Silva at Rotoworld notes that Bill Belichick is an "admirer," which naturally begs the question as to whether Josh McDaniels is. 

The Rams aren't going to find a quote-unquote No. 1 WR in free agency (despite the outside chance of Sidney Rice or even Braylon Edwards, but those are long-shots), so it really comes down to whether or not they feel like they need a veteran presence 

As for Clayton's other suggestion, RB Darren Sproles, it's a very real possibility. Recall that the Rams were interested in Sproles last year before the Chargers used the franchise tag to keep him. St. Louis has already been mentioned as a potential landing spot for Sproles by others in the national media.