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Random Ramsom, 5/22: Won't someone think of the assistants?

The St. Louis Rams news and opinion on the day.
The St. Louis Rams news and opinion on the day.

Office politics not your thing this Sunday morning? No problem. We've got you covered with more St. Louis Rams and NFL reading to help avoid mowing the yard and all that other tedious middle class crap that makes the offseason so unbearable. Dig.

Canton's Hall of Fame weekend will have its heroes, but perhaps not the NFL Hall of Fame game
The NFL labor war could cancel the Hall of Fame Game, but it won't affect the induction ceremonies. The St. Louis Rams and the Chicago Bears are scheduled to play in the Hall of Fame Game that weekend. At this point, only the most wide-eyed optimist believes this game will happen. Thanks NFL!

Assistants and agents caught in the crossfire
This is a pretty good read on the impacts of the lockout, non players or owners edition. Think about this, assistant coaches are the only ones, so far, that are directly losing salary as the lockout bleeds into its 68th day.

Breakdown of 2011 Games. Weeks 1-4 - Turf Show Times
ramsfanman takes a thorough look at the first four game of the season, predicting 2-2 for the Rams. That would be a good start. Hell, 0-4 would be a good start at this point since it would mean that at least we're having football.

Rams Rewind Game 1: Sam Bradford's Learning Curve
A look back at Sam Bradford's rookie debut -- and Adrian Wilson's jarring welcome to the league. Rams Herd starts their season rewind with week 1. Check it out.

Jerel Worthy 2012 NFL Draft prospect notes
Here's a prospect to know. Michigan State's Worthy is indeed worthy of a first-round pick - oh bad puns. Worthy is a three-technique that can crash the pocket and take on blockers at the point of attack.