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TST Mailbag: Special Teams

So recently we got an interesting question from Isaiah Smiff via Facebook. Smiff asked "How bout special teams, will the new rules help/hurt the rams?Who will be the Primary returners"?

First off here are the new rules. The kickoffs will start at the 35 instead of the 30, coverage teams can't have more than a five yard head start. Everything else is the same.

Right now, I would be surprised if the rule change will be a negative for the Rams. The return team was fifth in returns, but tied for third in attempts. Danny Amendola averaged 22 yards on kickoff returns, so I don't see much change in that department. Most of the times the Rams started at or around the 20. 

The Rams coverage team was pretty good last season, way better than years past. The biggest issue facing the Rams will be how many touchbacks can the Rams get this season, last season Josh brown had 8. Fun fact the league leader last season was Bill Cundiff who had 40 touchbacks. 

Right now, I would have to say Danny Amendola will return as the top returner.  Amendola wasn't bad in that role last season, he just wasn't spectacular. The Rams could try out Mikail Baker on kickoff returns. Of the players coming back I would say that if Mardy Gilyard is still on the team, he will get another chance to return kicks. The Rams basically handed him the spot, and he gave it back.