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Archie Manning gives St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford the stamp of approval

When Archie Manning says a quarterback is a good one, it's notable. Father of the quarterbacks Manning and a pretty damn good QB himself, Archie offered some praise on St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford, last year's NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. 

After playing a round of golf in Oklahoma last week with Bradford, Bob Stoops and Toby Keith, Archie had this to say about Bradford at his Heisman statue unveiling:

Sam's prepared. He was prepared for pro football. He came from a great program, they threw the ball a lot. Lot of good competition, saw a lot of different things in college. But it's still a transition. Sam's got this low-key personality which, the transition, I don't think, scares him. He handles it.

Like Archie's son Peyton, Bradford got thrown into the fire for every snap his first year. And father Manning acknowledges that the rookie year for a QB in that situation is all about survival, which Sam did with aplomb. 

Going to 13-3 in his second season, like Peyton Manning did, will be a much tougher task, but expecting Sam to lead a winning team is pretty reasonable. 

Hat tip to OakCityRam for the link.