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Random Ramsdom, 5/20: Contact, what contact?

St. Louis Rams and NFL news
St. Louis Rams and NFL news

Your daily Randomness is a little late today. I though bashing the absurdity of the NCAA system was a far more productive morning exercise. A few thoughts on the St. Louis Rams and some other NFL news on tap for you today.

NFL says no improper contact happening
The NFL looked into the matter of improper contact between players and coaches, and says that their investigation found nothing. Spokesman Greg Aiello called earlier reports of such contact "misleading." Tin-foil hat alert: I can't help but wonder if the league isn't maybe giving this a free pass knowing that teams are missing OTAs.

Austin Pettis doesn't have a playbook. Big deal.
WR Austin Pettis, the Rams third-round pick, revealed that he has not received a copy of the playbook, the one smuggled out in the brief window when the lockout was lifted. Big deal. I think this issue is slightly overblown, tempest in a teapot and all that. Without a coach to work through the playbook with the players, it's mostly meaningless. I also wonder just how much of a playbook McDaniels had put together at that point in time, given he's undertaking a new offense himself, as the tight end picks reveal. Follow Bill Belichick's advice this year: dumb it down, simplify things since there's obviously not going to be much time to practice...if there's a season at all.

Rams cheerleaders still working
Those meanies at the league office with their big bad lockout can't stop one thing: sexy girls. The St. Louis Rams cheerleaders are still making appearances around the area, including an upcoming event in Normal, IL. The bad news: you have to suffer through a minor league baseball. 

Gilyard's number to be retired
Mardy Gilyard's high school will retire his number tonight. The price of admission is laundry detergent or sharpies or some other items that sounds really, really random without context.

The Monsters of the Middle, the Beasts of the Outside
A great piece on linebackers from Douglas M.

Interview with Dominique Curry
Check out this interview with Rams WR Dominique Curry