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NFL Trade Rumors: Rams tried to move up for a running back in the draft

The St. Louis Rams have taken some heat in their draft grades for passing on a backup running back, a major roster need for several years now. However, Devaney revealed today that the team tried to trade up for a running back. Can you give an "A" for effort in draft grades?

He didn't say much more about what running back they tried to trade up for this weekend. The most logical guess is Mikel Leshoure, a second round pick that they had high in the third spot of their day two draft board, according to one source TST talked to. Instead, they opted for TE Lance Kendricks in the second round. 

Of course, the GM might have also been talking about Alabama's Mark Ingram, who went 28th overall to the Saints, who traded up to get him. Looking at the teams behind the 28th spot in the draft, it's not hard to imagine him falling all the way to Green Bay with the last pick of the round or even slipping into the second. 

Then again, maybe it wasn't either one of those guys. They had several running backs with first and second round grades, which did not include Ryan Williams. Kansas State's Daniel Thomas is one player that they were interested in; he was drafted with the 30th pick of the second round. 

And now where will the Rams find a running back? It will almost have to be via free agency. One possibility mentioned by Evan Silva from Rotoworld is Ronnie Brown, a player that McDaniels' old boss, Bill Belichick, once thought highly of.