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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Fans evaluate the St. Louis Rams' draft

The most important draft grades for the St. Louis Rams are right, from the fans. Big props is due to the family of Rams fans here at TST. All through the draft, thoughtful, amusing and thorough discussion was the rule here at TST, and the number of excellent fan posts astounded me. Since we're still talking draft grades, I rounded up some of the fanposts to try and capture the wide variety of feelings coming from fans about the draft. 

AmpLified Draft Reaction - Turf Show Times
AmpLee gives us his draft reaction. It took some adjustments but the long-time TSTer likes the tight end pick, and reminds us how Detroit thrashed the Rams last season with double TEs when the Rams shut down Calvin Johnson.

Response to Rams Draft Critics: - Turf Show Times
Jigzsaw weighs in on the draft. Naturally, Quinn gets an A, and it's a solid group of B-students after that. It was interesting to hear one person who was pulling for the Rams to pick South Florida DT Terrell McClain in round two.

Draft Grades: Rams - Turf Show Times
Infemous expresses some concern over going off the board with McDaniels' wishes to draft a tight well as some concern about how the Rams will look should McDaniels leave in two years as many expect when he gets tapped for a head coaching job.

How quickly we forget (the TE problem) - Turf Show Times
Marmie is the best reminds us of the last time the Rams had two tight ends...Joe Klopfenstein and Dominique Byrd. Both of those players were a little different than the current top two TEs, I will say. Byrd had big time character issues. Hoomanawanui has already shown that he can be what Klop wasn't...if he can stay healthy.

2011 Draft: Rounds 1-3 A Respectful Antithesis - Turf Show Times
The title from Zoo says it all. Great and thorough analysis of each pick.

Another Absurdly Early Depth Chart - Turf Show Times
DekaJ projects the depth chart. Goodbye Fendi Onobun and Daniel Fells. I think keeping 7 WRs might be a stretch, but it's going to be an interesting battle to sort those spots out this year.