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Random Ramsdom, 5/19: All ye who enter here, don't abandon hope just yet

Despite all the legal wrangling, there might be a way forward for the NFL.
Despite all the legal wrangling, there might be a way forward for the NFL.

Oh the offseason's worse than usual this year because of the lockout and the possibility that free agency might, maybe start. I think someone needs to get a class action suit together on behalf of the bloggers, for my May and June particularly unbearable. Maybe not. Here are the links.

Players' battle with owners not a lost cause
Mike Silver has one of the better articles on the lockout since Monday's decision by the 8th Circuit Court to grant a stay on a lower court's injunction to lift the lockout. In short there are many more legal twists and turns that could happen. Lawyers for the plantiffs are hardly panicked by the ruling and what it forebodes from the 8th Circuit in June. Breach of contract suits popping up all over the league's cities make for one of the more interesting possibilities. However, as Silver notes and both sides seem to realize, coming to terms is the best way forward. But will they? Answering that question affirmatively requires you to suspend precedent and recent memory of just how bitter this fight has been.

Jerry Jones has 1.2 billion reasons for wanting the lockout to end
There's some motivation from owners in resolving the lockout. Jerry Jones put it pretty bluntly: "I didn't spend $1.2 billion on a stadium not to have football."

The Top Ten NFL Running Backs
One opinion of the top ten running backs in the NFL right now. Where does Steven Jackson rank? Does he?

Breaking down the 2012 DL class
If the Rams wanted to, they could really stockpile pass rushers with a solid looking group of defensive linemen in the 2012 NFL Draft. Interestingly enough, another two players from North Carolina make the list.