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St. Louis Rams showing no outward signs of suffering through the NFL lockout...yet

For as nasty a time as it has been for NFL fans lately, the St. Louis Rams have run a pretty solid operation. Despite a social media presence best described as Zygmunt-esque, public relations efforts kept pace with improvements on the field. And why wouldn't they since the marketing and PR staff don't have to be embarrassed by the product their selling anymore?

Chief Operating Office Kevin Demoff certainly avoided a misstep like the Colts pulled today, announcing ticket sales for preseason games...preseason games that only the most optimistic/foolish of fans believe have even the slightest chance of being played this year. Of course, 2011 season ticket sales and PSLs are happening now, as they are with most, if not all NFL teams.

Were any other teams planning to roll out ticket sales for their preseason games yet? It's an interesting question. Will they hold off in the wake of what will likely be a PR beating for the Colts? Maybe. Holding back on ticket sales too much past the normal dates, preseason or regular season, would send a gloomy message to fans; teams are preparing for a lockout bleeding into the time when NFL football should be well underway. Economics and psychology are inseparable disciplines.

Besides erasing two months of prep time for players and coaches, Kroenke's operation has yet to show much outward pain through the lockout. Coaches and certainly haven't been asked to hawk tickets maintain salaries. How long can that continue?