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St. Louis Rams: In the West, not of the West

Imaging the St. Louis Rams outside the NFC West takes some effort. The Rams, both the Los Angeles and St. Louis varieties, have been a part of the division since the merger. The Cardinals and Seahawks replaced the Saints and the Falcons to give it a much more directional appropriateness.

Of course, with three coast teams that means some brutal 10 a.m. local start times for those teams and occasionally the Rams. Roger Goodell, in another fine example of the NFL's lockout brand of customer service, addressed early start time complaints from Seahawks fans on a conference call, telling fans it was something that the NFL had "to try to find a way to deal with." When ESPN's NFC West writer Mike Sando attempted to follow up he got the answer you might expect.

Those rooster call games won't effect the Rams this year though. A child prodigy quarterback and a 7-9 record bought the Rams out of the NFC West ghetto. Their away games within the division include a prime time rematch with the Seahawks and two late games against the other two whatchamacallits.