My final word on the 'saga'

This is an open letter (with a cursory stare to senior writers such as VanRam, 3k, VT, CoachConnors, T.Ram and Buckeyefan lol) that will hopefully better present what has been happening over here on TST.

From this thread on I will avoid any other comment, and hopefully as a result of this I won't have to.

It seems to me that RamChop can get away with behaviour that shouldn't be tolerated on TST.

I understand that opinions that go against the grain are integral to TST, however, quite simply put, there are enough opinions and more valuable opinions that are not entirely positive towards the FO on this page. We do not need a designated antagonist who will hammer an opinion that is presented as fact.

We have enough of a broad perspective on this team that one poster should not be allowed to make the entire page less enjoyable for other visitors under the label of being a 'differing opinion'.

We are all individuals with our own opinions. If people agree, let it be, if they do not, let people express it and discuss it until a common ground is found or they agree to disagree.

What TST does not need is someone who will resort to petty name calling and insults as a response to discussion. If you do not have anything further to say to support your argument, you can just not reply, or you can continue to try and put your point across. To continually resort to petty nicknames and insults and changing the subject is a mockery of the time spent by an individual within that discussion. It is also something that is seldom seen from people on TST, besides RamChop.

While I understand that banter should not be outlawed and we should still be able to have fun, which I'm sure many of us do, there is a difference between banter and an attack.

RamChop's most recent post was not related to football apart from it's use of football as a guise for it's real purpose. It was a post made to anger, offend and create a negative response within TST and it succeeded.

While those that rose to the challenge made by Chop are equally to blame, myself included, I feel that a warning or some sort of comment from someone with authority would be advisable with regards to avoiding the mess that followed. This is in no way a criticism of the guys who are running TST, because quite frankly, the work you do here is absolutely phenomenal and I can only hope you get paid for it, it is mainly a suggestion or a request to avoid this happening in future.

When a post has a name such as "You Ram apologists want negativity?" it is clear it is not an expression of anything but contempt towards the entire community. It is an attack.

It seems that the majority of people on TST's, especially the kids and authors (those that actually bother to login during baseball season) resent being told the truth about the state of the Rams. Well somebody's got to tell it like it is even if it disrupts the false overly optimistic harmony that has gained a lock on this website. I've noticed alot of the oldtimers have quit posting and commenting. I guess they either got banned or weary of arguing with foulmouthed kids and pie-in-the-sky optimists.


Without going into semantics or picking words out here, you will see that the opening paragraph of this post clearly outlines nothing with regards to football or the Rams, but instead an attack on everyone who uses this site and who express themselves through comment or FanPost/FanShot.

This should not be accepted.

The rest of the post is just a regurgitation of previously and very often stated opinions, with jabs at the TST community interspersed throughout.

An example:

Fact? So who's proud of those two games???

This post was there to criticise everyone who doesn't agree with RamChop, which is not what TST is for.

What took place in the comments is there for everyone to see and has been discussed in some detail in Richter122's well meaning and well said post.

The point of this post is simple.

I would like to see everyone on TST treated equally.

I do not feel that people should support and encourage Chop's behaviour when it evidently is counter productive.

I do not want to see RamChop banned. I feel that RamChop is a member who knows a lot about Ram history and has the same right as everyone else to express his opinion. The issue is, is that he does so with a viguour and confrontational attitude that crosses the lines set out in the rules we all signed when we joined TST.

I know that Chop nor anyone else here has to do what I say or feel, nor am I demanding you to, I am simply suggesting a form of mediation from those in a position that Chop cannot ignore asking him to tone down the antagonistic nature of his posts.

No matter how long you've been on TST, you should not get away with things others would not. This is not a 'good old boy network' this is a public forum for Ram discussion and we are all equal in here.

If Ramchop does not agree with the direction of the team, he has every right to express that. What he doesn't have the right to is to belittle, insult and accuse other members of TST.

It doesn't matter if his 'facts' aren't backed up by anything but age, this means that they can be discussed, which they are, and many people who may not get involved in the discussion may still learn something. What does matter is when someone makes a comment and ramchop replies like this:

What's worse; bitter asshole or happy asskisser? I think we know where you fall out there Les.

by RamChop on May 14, 2011 8:05 PM PDT 

Mooseprick! I was wondering when you'd show up to join the feeding frenzy. Nothing like a gaggle of apologists!

by RamChop on May 14, 2011 7:04 PM PDT

This is all I ask of you senior members to stop ramchop getting away with.

It isn't pleasant to read and unfortunately it has lead to the departure of a consistently excellent poster in Mooseknuckle.

Many Thanks for reading and I hope you all understand my point a little bit better now and that it may contribute towards a more peaceful and less antagonistic environment on TST.

I apologize for the manner in which I responded to chop's attack and know better now to ignore it.