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Sam Bradford, looking awkward in Madden 12

These pants are soooo comfortable.
These pants are soooo comfortable.

I get it that video game technology has advanced remarkably since the days of my sweet Atari with the wood veneer finish and funky 70s style slanted console. But let's face it, we are still very, very far away from video game technology that doesn't somehow look...well, a little awkward. 

The photo above is none other than St. Louis Rams QB and NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Sam Bradford pictured with his Madden 12 counterpart. The real Sam is the guy in the flat front khakis, btw. Standing against the imperfect backdrop of video game graphics make Sam and the game itself look distorted. 

Is it just me or does video game Sam not have a very good grip on the ball? And why is his head look like it's been under a magnifying glass out in the sun? 

The photo is from a promo piece about Madden 12, a video that you can see here. It looks a lot more like a Dockers ad to me though. "As rookie QB, the pocket can be a little uncomfortable, which is why I like my flat-front wrinkle-free Dockers for the fifth quarter."

Ok, this merits a caption contest...have at it.